NM Lt. Governor John Sanchez Applauds Jobs Through Growth Act The Right Path to Prosperity

John Sanchez for US Senate

ALBUQUERQUE – Republican New Mexico Lieutenant Governor John Sanchez applauded Senate Republicans’ introduction of the Jobs Through Growth Act.

“Senator Rand Paul and his colleagues in the Republican Conference have presented a pathway to renewed American prosperity with the Jobs Through Growth Act.  The bill has practical solutions to the challenges facing the American economy.  It repeals Obamacare, requires a balanced budget amendment, rolls back Dodd-Frank, and encourages domestic energy production.”

Senate Right to Rebuff Obama’s Job-Killing Agenda

John Sanchez for US Senate

ALBUQUERQUE  – Republican New Mexico Lieutenant Governor John Sanchez released the following statement in response to the failed 50-49 cloture vote on S. 1549, the American Jobs Act.  Sixty votes were needed to invoke cloture and proceed to the legislation.

“I am pleased Republican Senators beat back attempts to pass President Obama’s job killing agenda tonight.  This bill is nothing more than the old stimulus bill dusted off and being resold to America.  These are failed policies and Congress must do better.”

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Emails: Department of Energy brushed off warnings

“I think there is a gross misconception of the result of the negotiated restructuring of the Solyndra responsibility to DOE,” Nwachukwu responded. “Could you provide me a phone call to review,”

The insight originated from Gary Burner, the main economic policeman at the Treasury Department’s Federal Financing Bank, which advised DOE staffers on Feb. 10 to consult with DOJ as they thought about reorganizing the California solar business’s $535 million financing warranty.

“Unless DOE has various other authorities, these modifications could need authorization of the Department of Justice,” Burner composed to Susan Richardson, main advice in DOE’s Loan Programs Office, and also Frances Nwachuku, supervisor of profile administration in the very same workplace.

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